What goes in a Green Cone?

They accept all food waste including cooked food, meat, bones, bread, citrus, fruit and vegetable scraps.

How does the Green Cone work?

Green Cones use a combination of natural heat and micro-organisms to reduce food waste down to liquid. The double-walled cone creates a heat trap of circulating air to encourage bacteria growth. The base of the cone sits below the soil surface, filtering smells and keeping out flies.

Natural micro-organisms and worms migrate freely in and out of the basket at the base of the cone, breaking down the waste. Nutrient rich water enters the surrounding soil. The digestion chamber creates aerobic conditions to reduce methane production.

It must be placed in a sunny position and dug into the ground about ½ metre allowing the liquid to enter the surrounding soil.

Green Cones are available to purchase for $195 from Manningham Garden Waste Centre.

For more information please refer to Icon for application/pdf Green Cone Guide (255.82 KB)