Many of the major health issues in our community are related to risk factors from the environment or individual behavior. Activities such as tobacco and drug usage, poor dietary habits, inadequate exercise, excess gambling and unsafe sexual practices have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life, functioning and even mortality and disability.

Healthy Living has been identified as a priority in Manningham’s Healthy City Plan with an aim to address the community’s health issues including obesity, chronic disease, binge drinking in youth and problem gambling.

Manningham Wellbeing Snapshot

  • 53.5% of males and 37% of females are overweight or obese
  • 48.1% of males and 36.3% of females do not meet the fruit and vegetable dietary requirements
  • 30.5% of males and 27.8% of females do not meet the physical activity guidelines
  • 31.6% of manningham residents are sedentary for more than 7 hours a day

Manningham in partnership with local and regional organisations are undertaking a variety of new initiatives to address these issues for our local community, including:

  • Winter Crop Relief – To improve access to fresh fruit and vegetables to people most vulnerable in our community through a new initiative bringing together members of the home harvesting community and Doncare’s Emergency Relief Program.
  • Active Travel Program – By partnering with local schools and preschools, this program encourages parents and children to walk or ride to their place of learning instead of car usage.