Manningham Council employs a qualified Conservation Architect to provide free heritage related advice to owners/occupiers of heritage listed properties within Manningham.

Most enquiries referred to Council’s Heritage Advisor are from owners seeking to modify or upgrade heritage listed buildings while retaining the intrinsic heritage values.

What type of heritage advice is provided?

The most common types of enquires relate to:

  • Pre-application design advice
  • Appropriate alterations or additions
  • New buildings in a heritage area
  • Design, colour and location of signs on commercial buildings
  • Heritage colour schemes
  • Restoration advice dealing with repairs of verandas, drainage issues etc
  • Providing general advice in relation to heritage listed properties for sale

Owners/permit applicants are encouraged to discuss proposals with Council’s Heritage Advisor and Council Officers prior to lodging a planning application relating to a heritage listed property.

How can I access the service?

Council’s Heritage Advisor is generally available on the second and fourth Monday afternoon of each month, either onsite or at the Council Offices. Appointments are necessary and should be made at least a day or two in advance.

To make an appointment call Council’s Heritage Planner on 9840 9129.

Advisory Committee

Council has established a Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) that includes representatives from the community, historical societies, councillors and council officers. TheCommittee provides advice to Council on the conservation and promotion of, and education about heritage places within Manningham. This includes considering grant applications received under the Heritage Restoration Fund. The Committee generally meets every three months. For more information contact the Strategic Planning Unit on 9840 9129.