Hillcrest Reserve

Lisbeth Avenue, Donvale
Melway ref. 48 K5

Hillcrest Reserve on Lisbeth Avenue is an attractive, well vegetated reserve providing a range of opportunities for the local community, including tennis, children’s play for 1-5 year olds and access to the East Link Trail from Lisbeth Avenue and Savaris Court. VicRoads acquired a section of the Reserve in 2006 for the construction of EastLink, thereby reducing the Reserve’s area to 1.3 hectares and removing the bushland area that the Reserve was once well known for. The single tennis court, that was relocated as a result of freeway construction, is managed by a local community club. Opening up the tennis court to the broader community is being considered.

Points of Interest

  • Bushland, open space and play equipment 
  • Hillcrest Tennis Club

Suitable age group: 1 to 5 years


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