Council's key climate and energy policies are the Icon for application/pdf Climate 2020 Action Plan (8.18 MB) and Icon for application/pdf Securing the Future Adaptation Plan (4.57 MB), which seek to reduce emissions and encourage people to adapt to our changing environment.

Through action 5.1 of the Securing the Future Adaptation Plan, Council has also developed the Icon for application/pdf Manningham City Council Food Security Plan 2016-2021 (2.74 MB). That plan aims to assist in creating a sustainable food system that allows economic and physical access to locally sourced food for individuals and businesses, whilst also providing the capacity for readily obtaining information for decision making that leads to healthy food choices.

In addition, Council tracks organisational energy use and carbon emissions through the Ecofootprint Project and initiates activities in house through its Green Office Green Organisation Program (GOGO). 
Please view the Icon for application/pdf Ecofootprint Report 15-16 (456.63 KB) for more information.

Doncaster Hill Smart Energy Zone

The Icon for application/pdf Doncaster Hill Smart Energy Zone Action Plan (1.83 MB) supports a transition to 21st Century energy solutions. The Action Plan is essentially an energy road map, guided by three objectives:

  1. Reduce energy demand and greenhouse emissions
  2. Generate alternative and renewable energy within the Hill
  3. Establish Doncaster Hill as a sustainability laboratory


Council encourages the local community to be active participants in reducing energy use and emissions.

The following links offer ways to save energy at home and reduce your impact on climate change:

You can help with local efforts to reduce Manningham's impact on the environment by being energy smart and by contacting Positive Charge.

Helpful websites