By bus

Many bus routes that are provided by Public Transport Victoria (PTV) travel through Doncaster Hill.

We're strongly advocating for rail

In addition to bus services, we are strongly advocating for alternate public transport options with the State Government:

  • Suburban Rail Loop
    That Doncaster station be built in the first stage of construction of the Victorian Government's proposed underground rail link to connect suburbs between Cheltenham and Doncaster.
  • Build Doncaster Rail along the Eastern Freeway
    That the North East Link project preserve a future alignment for Doncaster Rail, and the design of the Doncaster Busway is delivered in a manner that allows it to be transitioned to heavy rail, once the bus system reaches capacity.
  • Extend Tram route 48 to Doncaster Hill
    We maintain passive support for an extension of tram route #48 from Balwyn North to Doncaster Hill. This proposal is not currently on the State Government's agenda.
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