An infringement, also known as either a fine or a penalty notice, is issued when a law or regulation is broken to help protect the rights, amenity and well-being of the Manningham community. We issue infringements relating to breaches in parking, animal management, health and wellbeing, food safety, environment, signage, planning and asset protection laws and regulations.

Here is a list of options available to you if you have received an infringement:

Pay your infringement

Find out what options are available to pay your infringement.

Nominate another person

Nominate another person if you have received a parking infringement but someone else committed the offence.

Apply for an infringement review

Apply for an infringement review if you believe you have grounds to have your fine reviewed.

Apply for a Payment Plan or Extension of Time

If you are a valid concession card holder, you may be eligible for a payment plan or an extension of time to assist in paying your infringement.


Contest an infringement in Court

It is recommended that you apply for an infringement review first however you may elect to have your matter escalated straight to Court


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