Artwork: Dreamscape
Award: 2009 Valley of the Arts Award
Medium: ceramic, glazes and polyurethane, 20 x 32 x 3cm

Manningham Art Collection. Image courtesy the artist.

"In the piece Dreamscape different images of automobiles are fused together to represent the car as an important icon of desire as well as an embodiment of our personas, dreams & sexuality. I use a combination of handbuilding and slipcasting techniques, exploring the sculptural and plastic qualities of clay in a contemporary context. Working with modules and different components allows relationships between forms to develop, investigating the life of an object outside of its initial intent and purpose. I seek to merge traditional hand crafted ceramic techniques with industrial methods and processes to achieve a fusion of techniques. The integration of these contrasting elements is an essential aspect of my artwork and enables me to continue to explore and push the boundaries of my artistic practice." - Irianna Kanellopoulou, 2009.