Land management grants to preserve biodiversity

Each year we offer a series of land management grants that support the preservation of Manningham’s natural bushland and the productivity of rural land. These grants are designed to help property owners with land care education, land stewardship, pest and animal control and ecological improvement works.

Land management grants available:

How to apply for a land management grant

Please read the land management grant criteria below and select apply for a land management grant to complete our online form.

If you’d prefer to complete this form offline, you can download and complete the Icon for application/pdf Land Management Grant Application Form (158.47 KB)


Local Environment Assistance Fund (LEAF) 

Depending on where your property is located, you may be eligible for a LEAF grant to match your spending dollar for dollar on approved works, up to a certain limit.

LEAF category A

Grants of up to $1000 are available to fund approved works.

Eligibility criteria

LEAF category B

Grants of up to $500 are available to fund approved works.

Eligibility criteria

  • Private property located in Manningham’s Core Conservation Area with an Environmental Significance Overlay.
  • Private property within 50 metres of a habitat corridor or waterway.

LEAF category C

Grants of up to $300 are available to fund approved works.

Eligibility criteria

  • Property owners who have a history of participating in the LEAF program and making a positive contribution to the local environment.
Deer control costs under LEAF
Under the LEAF grant program, deer control will be funded at two thirds of the total cost. Deer control must be carried out in accordance with the Wildlife Act 1975 and the LEAF checklist requirements.



Resourcing Extra Local Environmental Assistance Fund (RELEAF)

RELEAF grants offer extra financial assistance to landholders that have large areas of remnant vegetation and are looking to manage their properties for biodiversity improvement, protection and conservation.

Successful RELEAF grants recipients will receive two thirds of the total cost to conduct approved works, to a maximum of $3,000. Applications will be assessed on:

  • Biodiversity merit
  • The size of the habitat zone, minimum 5,000m2 (0.5ha)
  • The priority of the works
  • The property owners ability to manage a habitat zone into the future, including a voluntary 3 year action plan agreement
  • Property eligibility.


Approved works for LEAF and RELEAF grants

Please see the list below for eligible works and their priority level. Applications will be assessed based on the priority of works.

High priority works:

  • Integrated rabbit control that includes warren destruction
  • Integrated environmental weed control
  • Integrated pest animal control
  • Revegetation to an appropriate standard for:
    - enhancing identified habitat corridors or significant locations
    - enhancing identified strategic ‘gaps’ in
    - corridors or other strategic locations conservation of threatened species preventing and/or rehabilitating soil erosion
  • Nest box purchase, construction and/or erection/maintenance
  • Fencing of core and buffer habitat, high priority revegetation, or waterways and dams to prevent stock access/grazing
  • Other ‘significant’ habitat improvements on a case by case basis including ecological burns
  • Wetland enhancement
  • Earthworks for erosion control/prevention
  • Works for threatened species conservation.

Other works

  • Integrated rabbit control including at least two of the following methods:
    - baiting using a licensed contractor
    - harbour reduction and warren collapse
  • fumigating:
    - ferreting
    - long-netting
    - monitoring
  • Seed collection, propagation, and/or planting of indigenous species
  • Pasture management improvements including:
    - integrated weed management
    - contour fencing
    - fencing and revegetation of gullies and building stock crossings
    - manure management including harrowing, collection and composting
    - building of sacrifice yards
    - reseeding with native grass
    - management to enhance native pastures.


Pest animal control grants

If your property is not eligible for LEAF or RELEAF, you can still claim funding for fox, rabbit and deer control.

Fox and rabbit control grants

If you are working with a Rabbit Action Group, funding of up to $300 per annum is available on a dollar for dollar basis.

Deer control grants

Each year deer control will be funded up to two thirds of the total cost, to a maximum of $300, when carried out in accordance with the Wildlife Act 1975 and the LEAF checklist requirements.