Lawford Reserve

Adjacent to the Tullamore Estate, this large reserve is highly accessible with shared paths and connections from surrounding streets. It features a playspace, plaza for skating and basketball as well as open space, a circuit path and seating.

Lawford Reserve Facilities Include

  • Shared paths and footpath connections to improve access for all abilities, including a circuit path for walkers and riders
  • Seats and picnic tables for resting and socialising in the reserve, including a lookout seating area
  • Landscaping including rocks and timber logs for climbing, balancing and nature play opportunities
  • Additional tree planting
  • Climbing net, play unit, cubby, slides, swings and a gyro swing 
  • Plaza for skateboards, bikes, scooters and basketball
  • Soccer goals and cricket pitch
  • Lighting, drinking fountain, signs, sculptures and bike hoops
Lawford Reserve
Doncaster VIC 3108

Getting there

On foot:

Lawford Reserve Playspace has many entrances and can be accessed via

  • Lawford Street
  • Goulburn Place
  • Rathmullen Quadrant
  • Bayley Grove
  • Arnold Grove
  • Stables Circuit and Furlong Lane

By bike:

Bike parking available at the Lawford Street entrance to the reserve.

By bus:

Westfield Doncaster bus stop: routes 207, 279, 280, 281, 282, 293, 295, 304, 305, 902 and 903

Carawatha Rd or Beaconsfield St bus stop: routes 207, 280, 282 and 907

By car

Limited on street parking is available