Manningham has retained many links to its cultural heritage with a large number of heritage places, buildings, trees and landscapes, reflecting the area's habitation by local indigenous people, early gold mining settlements and orcharding past. Each suburb has its own story.

Our Indigenous heritage

Our rich cultural heritage is reflected through a variety of local landmarks and places of significance as well as its community of shared histories. There is evidence that Aboriginal communities have been living in Victoria for more than 30,000 years and remnants of Aboriginal occupation from thousands of years ago still exist within our municipality. The Wurundjeri-william lived in and their descendants retain a strong interest in this area. There are more than 15 sites of Aboriginal significance across the city with potentially more to be uncovered.

The European influence (mid 1800s)

The European influence (post1834) is seen in remnants of the places built from the mid 1800s. Many diverse places of heritage significance remain, dating from our earliest building, constructed in the 1840s, to more recent dwellings, established from the 1980s.

Local Government

Local Government in the area dates back to the election of the Templestowe District Roads Board in 1856. The first meeting of the Board was held in the Upper Yarra Hotel at Templestowe.

On February 28, 1967 the Shire of Doncaster and Templestowe was proclaimed a City. The Doncaster and Templestowe Council administered the area until December 15, 1994, when the City of Manningham was formed when the former City of Doncaster and Templestowe and small sections of the former Shire of Lilydale were amalgamated to include Wonga Park and remove part of North Ringwood. The new city was managed by three State Government appointed commissioners, until 24 March 1997 when eight Councillors were again sworn into office.

If you’re interested in learning more or would like to get involved in some way; visit one of our community’s heritage societies and groups or one of the many historical attractions and walks.

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