Heritage Victoria maintains a database with heritage citations and information about specific heritage sites and buildings.

Manningham's cultural heritage reflects the historical development of the municipality. Many culturally significant buildings, precincts, trees, landscapes and sites of archaeological significance have been identified. These heritage places demonstrate the various phases of the Manningham's development from indigenous habitation through to early European settlement and the subsequent influence of gold mining and orcharding to the influences of architectural and artistic trends.

To find out more about specific heritage sites and buildings in Manningham visit Heritage Victoria or do a search for your property in the Manningham Heritage Database.

Local History Database

The Whitehorse Manningham Local History Database is a useful resource for people searching for information about the history of the region.

The database contains information about items in the local history collections held at the libraries in Whitehorse and Manningham.

The Whitehorse Manningham Heritage Network aims to create a local history database for the region in order to:

  • Satisfy the community's heritage needs by improving accessibility to local heritage collections
  • Link the heritage collections in the two municipalities
  • Preserve the local heritage
  • Develop co-operation between the local historical societies and the library in order to provide a comprehensive local history service to the communities of Whitehorse and Manningham now and beyond.