Immunisation records are essential to enrol your child in childcare and school, or to access family payments from Centrelink.

Find out how to access your records and ensure that your family immunisation records align with the Australian National Immunisation Program schedule.

Access your immunisation records

Login to your Medicare online account through myGov to access your immunisation records and obtain a certificate.

All vaccinations delivered by Council from 2000 have been uploaded onto the Australian Immunisation Register and are accessible through myGov.

Request catch up advice

We provide immunisation advice for children who:

  • were previously vaccinated overseas; or
  • have missed their vaccinations.

Our immunisation nurses can:

  • provide catch-up advice,
  • create new immunisation plans to realign your child with the National Immunisation Program schedule, and
  • upload any existing immunisation records into the Australian Immunisation Register.

What to provide

Please provide your child’s previous immunisation records. Any overseas records must be in English or have an official English translation


There is an administration fee of $25 per child.

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