25 October 2018

At its most recent Council meeting on 23 October, Manningham Councillors vented their frustration at the lack of certainty from the North East Link Authority (NELA), particularly as it relates to open space.

For some time, Manningham Council has been advocating to the NELA to prevent widespread loss of recreation and open space resulting from the North East Link, along with other potential impacts on the Manningham community.

Concerns have intensified since Manningham Council became aware of a proposal to the NELA, which seeks to acquire a significant portion of Bulleen Park to extend a neighbouring Council’s golf course and relocate a tennis centre. 

Manningham Mayor, Cr Andrew Conlon, said Councillors were vehemently opposed to any proposal which would see Manningham lose valuable recreation space to golf, which is already well catered for in the region.

“Bulleen Park is a highly used multi-purpose recreational space that is freely accessible to our residents and used by local sporting clubs.

“This proposal would see our community locked out from their own park. We can’t believe that anyone would consider prioritising this space for limited fee-paying sports.

“The plans available on NELA’s website suggest we already stand to lose significant recreational and open spaces to accommodate the NEL and widen the Eastern Freeway. The potential loss of Bulleen Park is unnecessary and can easily be avoided,” he said.

Cr Conlon said that it wasn’t just the loss of Bulleen Park but also the loss of other spaces like the Koonung Linear Creek Trail. To lose much needed recreation space to a golf course, a sport in decline, just doesn’t make sense.

“The NELA has given us a lot of maybes but not much in the way of definite outcomes so far. The potential loss of Bulleen Park is unacceptable, this is a community asset and should remain as one.  

“We are calling on the NELA to honour its commitment of no net loss in recreation space and seek their guarantee that Bulleen Park will continue to be freely accessible for our local community,” he said.

Cr Conlon is urging local residents and sporting clubs to get involved. If you are a resident or a sporting club that doesn’t want to see Bulleen Park converted into a golf course, use the link below to give your feedback to NELA.


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