Manningham DISC (Donvale Indoor Sports Centre)

Manningham DISC is a stadium located in a large area of open space which provides a range of sporting and recreational opportunities to the residents of Donvale and the wider community. The main facility is the indoor stadium which is managed by Manningham YMCA.

Visit Manningham DISC on Manningham YMCA website to learn more about their available activities and programs.

Facilities include

  • Two court stadium, multi purpose room, kiosk and a gymnastics facility
  • Carpark for 150+ cars
  • Bike parking area
  • Outdoor community pétanque piste/ bocce rink located at the rear of the Reserve. No bookings are required.

Sports clubs at Manningham DISC

  • BTYC Gymnastics Club
  • Bulleen Templestowe Basketball Club
  • Doncaster Basketball Club

Bus services

  • 902 SmartBus along Springvale Road
  • Route 273 via Springvale Road
360 Springvale Road
Donvale VIC 3111


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