In line with the Local Government Act 1989, Manningham Council operates under the Best Value Policy (July 2010) and A Guide to Best Value Principles (July 2010). The principles of Best Value are based around:

  • Quality and cost of services
  • Services being responsive to the needs of the community
  • Services being accessible to those for whom they are intended
  • An approach of continuous improvement for services
  • Regular consultation with the community on the services provided.

The Best Value Policy requires Council Service Units to comply with six Best Value Principles and incorporate them into a broader improvement framework cycle which includes planning, implementing, reviewing and evaluating.

The six Best Value principles are:

  • Quality and cost standards
  • Responsiveness to community needs
  • Accessibility
  • Continuous improvement
  • Community consultation
  • Reporting to the community

Manningham has developed a two-fold approach to capture Best Value across the organisation's activities.

The first is to plan and capture all Best Value activity internally by reporting on these in every Council and EMT Report, Business Case and Capital Works proposal presented to the Executive Management Team and the Council. In addition, each of Council's 19 service units identifies activities that address Best Value objectives in their Service Unit Plan.

Our Values and Vision

Council's Vision

A liveable and harmonious City.

Council's Mission

A financially sustainable Council that listens, consults and acts with integrity, value and transparency.

Council's Values

  • Working Together
  • Excellence
  • Accountable
  • Respectful
  • Empowered

Freedom of the City

Freedom of the City awards can be made in three categories.

  1. Freeman or Freewoman of the City is awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to community groups and organisations benefiting Manningham.
  2. The Key to the City acknowledges the contribution of an individual, group or organisation for outstanding achievement in sport, entertainment or humanitarian work.
  3. Freedom of Entry to the City reflects a special relationship between a local Emergency Services Unit or an Australian Defence Force unit and the Manningham community.

The following Freedom of the City Awards have been made by the Manningham City Council or its predecessor the City of Doncaster and Templestowe.

Mr William (Bill) Howard Larkin, OAM - Freeman of the City 2011
No. 401 Squadron, Australian Air Force Cadets - Freedom of the City 2001
The Honourable Neil Anthony Brown, QC, - Freeman of the City 1991
Mr Barry Anthony Jones - Freeman of the City 1990
Mr Leslie John Cameron - Freeman of the City 1990
Mr Irvine Heber Green, OAM - Key to the City 1988
Sir Raymond William Garrett, AFC, AEA - Freeman of the City 1987

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