Mental Health and Wellbeing is essential for a rewarding and productive life and an issue for the entire community. With the growing prevalence of mental illness globally and locally, most people will be impacted at some point in their lives, whether this be through their own experience or that of family, friends or the workplace.

Mental Wellbeing  has been identified as a priority in Manningham’s Healthy City Plan with an aim to address the communities health issues including mental health especially in young people and dementia.

Manningham Wellbeing Snapshot

  • 20% of the community has had a mental disorder in the last 12 months
  • 10.6% of the population report to having high or very high psychological distress
  • 36.2% of adolescents reported poor psychological development
  • 41% of adolescents reported being bullied
  • There is an 126% increase in dementia rates by 2030

Manningham in partnership with local and regional organisations are undertaking a variety of new initiatives to address these issues for our local community, including:

  • PS4Kids – A new counselling program for children zero to 12 years to support with building resilience, self esteem and to provide early interventions prior to situations deteriorating
  • Live Well in Bulleen – A new community strengthening program to enhance services and increase community connectedness in Bulleen where people feel included and can access the support they require. This project is a partnership approach with a number of local and regional stakeholders that encourages collaborative planning to maximise community outcomes
  • Video Gaming and Young People (PDF) – The Manningham YMCA Youth Services is leading the research and training of young people and parents on the link between video games mental health and gambling addiction
  • Mental Health Working Group – Council co-ordinates and facilitates a community services network bringing together local and regional services with an interest in Mental Wellbeing. This group works in partnership to deliver a number of projects addressing local issues to improve the mental wellbeing of the community
  • Creating Inclusive Services for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (GLBTI) population – In October 2014, Council in partnership with the Mental Health Working Group will be delivering a capacity building project targeting local services, health professionals, sporting clubs and schools to receive training on how to make their organisation or club more inclusive of the GLBTI community
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Program – An accredited programs for parents and professionals working with young people to build awareness of major mental health issues and advise on the appropriate actions and services available