Business In Manningham continues to thrive

30 Jul 2014
Vibrant and Prosperous Economy

The 2013/14 Economic Development Strategy Annual Report has been endorsed by Manningham Council and highlights how Council has supported and encouraged the local business community in the past 12 months.

The Annual Report is a summary of the major work undertaken by Council in this area from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014 and includes the establishment of regional partnerships to create opportunities for regional economic and tourism growth.

Manningham Mayor, Cr Jim Grivokostopoulos said that the Manningham Economic Development Strategy aims to generate resilient, sustainable and vibrant community groups.

"There has been a real focus on home-based business and small to medium enterprises, which aims to position Manningham as a great place to learn, live, play and work."

Achievements outlined in the 2013/14 Economic Development Strategy Annual Report include:

  • The success of the inaugural Manningham Business Excellence Awards, which created a stronger business community and promoted Manningham as an ideal place to do business.
  • The expansion of the Business Development Program, which resulted in 55 events with nearly 1400 attendees.
  • An extra 316 Manningham businesses registered with the Manningham Business Directory, bringing the total number to 2,324.
  • The installation of new and wider footpaths and amenities to improve local shopping centres.
  • The introduction of busking guidelines to benefit customers, traders and the wider community.

The 2013/14 Economic Development Strategy Annual Report can be viewed online at Manningham Business