Connect to the sewer with YVW's Community Sewerage Program

15 Feb 2017
Well Governed Council

Yarra Valley Water (YVW) has provided new sewerage services to Donvale, Templestowe, Wonga Park and Warrandyte. Property owners are still legally responsible for maintaining their septic system until the sewer is connected.

YVW recently completed an innovative sewerage trial involving onsite wastewater systems in a small area of Park Orchards. Works to construct a piped sewerage system for this small area will begin this year. YVW is planning to provide a new sewerage service for the broader Park Orchards area by 2027.

More information can be found at Yarra Valley Water.

In areas where sewer services are expected within three years, owners need to continue regular maintenance and replace the necessary components where these are found to be defective rather than upgrade the whole septic system.


Connection costs

The Community Sewerage Program is primarily funded by YVW. However, each property owner must pay:

  • A licensed plumber to disconnect and make safe your existing septic tank, and to connect your property’s plumbing to the new pressure sewer unit or gravity connection point
  • Ongoing water and sewerage charges from YVW.

For more information, go to Yarra Valley Water.


Is sewer connection compulsory?

Under existing arrangements, it is unlikely that properties would be obliged to connect to sewer providing they can demonstrate the effective management of their septic system and the sustainable re-use and containment of all secondary treated wastewater on site via an approved drip irrigation system. 


Can I subdivide my land when the sewer is provided?

We are not intending to change existing land use zoning classifications as part of the Community Sewerage Program process. Any future subdivision requests must be considered through the normal planning application process. Sewer connections will be based on current allotment occupancy rates.


How will the sewer affect my property?

YVW will develop the final location of the sewer system in consultation with the community. In most cases the sewer will be provided under road reserves with a single connection point to each property boundary. Manningham Council and Yarra Valley Water intend to co-ordinate all works in affected areas as much as possible to minimise disruption to residents.


What are the benefits of connecting to the sewer?

Connecting to the sewer will ultimately save residents time and money on ongoing septic system maintenance, free up land currently occupied by septic systems for other uses (tennis courts, tree planting etc), and is better for the local environment, public health and waterways.