Eastern Volunteers provides the new Manningham Volunteers Resource Service

8 Apr 2020
Healthy Community

Many local volunteers are now unable to volunteer in the ways they are used to or are being encouraged to stay at home due to their age, health or other COVID-19 related reasons.

So Eastern Volunteers is calling for new volunteers so they can continue to provide a range of essential services to our community.

Eastern Volunteers has established a volunteer bank to recruit and redeploy people who may not be able to work at this time or can’t volunteer at their usual place of work. They are especially interested in hearing from younger people who are suddenly out of work and want to give back.

New volunteers will help deliver vital services to those who are isolated and vulnerable in our community such as door-to-door delivery of shopping and care packages, plus remote IT and telephone support.

Get in touch with Eastern Volunteers to register your interest. Organisations that need volunteers to continue providing their programs should also register their interest to access this service.