Ensure your pet is safe and secure

2 Dec 2015
Healthy Community

Manningham Council is urging pet owners to ensure that their animals are safe and secure across the festive season.

Celebrations and fireworks displays can disturb some domestic pets and Council is asking owners to secure their pets.

Dogs, especially, have extremely sensitive hearing and the noise from fireworks and thunderstorms can cause them to panic and become distressed.

Many dogs do abnormal things when stressed, like jumping over, chewing through or digging under fences. This can create a very unsafe situation for everyone, causing traffic hazards and sometimes fear aggression in dogs.

Fireworks are planned for the evenings of Manningham Carols (Friday 11 Dec), on New Year’s Eve and during Australia Day celebrations (Jan 26, 2016) and throughout summer there are often severe thunderstorms.

If owners are concerned that fireworks and thunderstorms affect their dog, they are urged to have someone stay with their animal or alternatively securing your animal in the house or garage and ensure their dog is wearing a collar and tag, with relevant contact details attached.

Generally, Council has been able to recover and re-house the majority of these pets without impounding the animals, highlighting the advantages of ensuring your pet is registered.

Dogs distressed by fireworks or thunderstorms that escape their premises can travel large distances.

If your pet escapes check with your neighbours, the Manningham Pound on 9840 9333, local vet practices and neighbouring Council Pounds and Animal shelters.