Have your say on Jackson Court

28 Feb 2020
Vibrant and Prosperous Economy

We are keen to hear from residents, businesses and visitors to understand how they shop, work and play in the Jackson Court Neighbourhood Activity Centre.

By completing a five minute survey, you’ll be in the running to win a $50 voucher from Jackson Court. To have your say and find out more visit manningham.vic.gov.au/jackson-court

We want to hear all perspectives on Jackson Court. Tell us how well it’s working or if it needs improvements and your ideas for the future. All feedback will be treated as confidential and you will not be identified in any way.

Your feedback will help us to better understand how the community uses the Jackson Court neighbourhood activity centre and how we can incorporate this into planning for its future.

We’ve partnered with the Australian Government to implement new smart technologies at Jackson Court Neighbourhood Centre under our Smart Cities - Reinventing Neighbourhoods project. As part of this project, new smart technologies are being implemented at Jackson Court.

A total of 251 vehicle sensors have been installed to help us understand how visitors move through the centre. Once the sensors have been configured for operational use, they will gather real-time data of vehicle movements. Environmental sensors have also been installed to collect information on environmental conditions, including pollution, heat and noise.

Pedestrian sensors will be installed in the next few months to indicate how people are moving about Jackson Court. Data from the sensors will help us plan for the Jackson Court Neighbourhood Centre and ensure there is the right mix of space for parking, pedestrians and infrastructure to support the centre. No personal or identifying information will be collected by the sensors at any time.

The data will be analysed after a few months of information is collated and it will be shared with traders, the Jackson Court Discovery Group and the community.

Smart Cities is an Australian Government initiative to transform cities, suburbs and regional areas using infrastructure and technology to deliver a more sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future.