Learner drivers return to L2P Program with new car

15 Mar 2021
Healthy Community

Local learner drivers have a reason to celebrate, as the L2P Program for L-plate drivers is back on the road for the first time since April last year after being suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The TAC L2P Program assists learner drivers under 21 years of age who do not have access to a supervising driver or vehicle, to gain the 120 hours driving experience required to apply for a probationary licence.

Thanks to the Vermont Lions Club’s generous donation of a brand new Hyundai i30 to the program, we now have two cars to cater for the needs of young learner drivers in Manningham and Whitehorse who face significant barriers in getting their mandatory 120 driving hours.

Find out more about participating in the program or how you can volunteer as a driving instructor.

Image: Manningham Deputy Mayor Cr Anne Chen with Mike Milton from Vermont Lions Club