Luxury location for Manningham dogs and cats

17 May 2021
Liveable Places and Spaces

The Friends of Manningham Dogs and Cats (FOMDAC) has opened revamped clubrooms at Aranga Reserve in Donvale to provide a meeting room and outdoor area that can be used for dog-related activities.

Next to the clubrooms is the well-used Dog Activity Centre – a fully-fenced open area where dog owners can train and exercise their dogs off lead. In addition to the large exercise area there is some simple agility equipment and a smaller fenced area for puppies and small dogs.

As an organisation, FOMDAC aims to promote responsible pet ownership, to represent and advocate the legitimate needs of dog and cat owners, and to act as a resource for the community on issues involving dog and cat owners.

Membership is open to all pet-owning and pet-loving Manningham residents, and provides a way of being kept informed of relevant issues and being part of the advocacy role FOMDAC has had with Council since 1996.

The clubrooms are regularly rented by puppy preschool trainers, dog trainers and breed clubs, which make use of the large open space. Importantly, the flooring is suitable for dogs – and any unexpected accidents – and there is a built-in dog wash facility and drying table, a kitchen, storage rooms and a well-fenced outdoor area that is easily supervised from inside the building.

For more information visit the FOMDAC website.