Manningham Council guarantees a future for Templestowe RSL

19 Dec 2020
Vibrant and Prosperous Economy

This week Manningham Council finalised a deal that secured the future of the Templestowe RSL for the next 20 years.

On Friday 11 December 2020 Council purchased the Templestowe RSL land and buildings at 156 Parker St Templestowe for $1.25M, a strategic purchase that has enabled Council to secure the last non-Council owned site in the important Templestowe Village precinct.

At a Council meeting on Tuesday 15 December, Councillors unanimously approved a motion to release the details of the purchase and to note the leasing the site to the Templestowe RSL at a rate of $35,000 per year, subject to an annual increase of 2.5 per cent. Council has also committed to spend of $155,000 on necessary repairs and maintenance to improve the Templestowe RSL building for the benefit of all members, veterans and hirers of the building.

A key feature of the agreement is that pokies cannot be introduced and operated on the site, meaning the RSL will remain pokies free and focused on providing a community meeting place to honour past and current veterans.

Council and the Templestowe RSL have been working together closely on this arrangement for many years to reach an agreement that significantly reduces the burden of commercial viability for the RSL.

Templestowe RSL President, Ron Twining, said “The Templestowe RSL exists because of the generosity of three World War 1 Veterans who purchased the site, so it is truly fitting that site is being returned to the community.”

Manningham Mayor, Cr Andrew Conlon, said “The strategic acquisition and leaseback of the Templestowe RSL is an excellent outcome for Council, the Templestowe RSL, and the Manningham community.

“The Templestowe RSL with around 200 members, can now pay off its debts and prosper with more than $1 million of council money in the bank, knowing that it has a caring landlord that will grow and nurture its operations co-operatively over the next 20 years.

“The purchase of the Templestowe RSL site is a small investment that Manningham Council can make in securing the future of an important community centre that provides a meaningful gathering place for current and former veterans and a place where we can honour those who have served this great country in our armed forces.”

A recording of the motion at Council's meeting can be viewed on the Council Meeting 15 December 2020 page of our website. The motion starts at 49'15".