Media release: New Contractor Appointed to Manage Leisure Facilities in Manningham

3 Mar 2023
Liveable Places and Spaces

Manningham Council is pleased to announce the appointment of a new contractor to manage its leisure facilities from 1 July 2023.

Following a comprehensive review, industry engagement and benchmarking, Aligned Leisure will now oversee the management of leisure services at 10 Manningham leisure facilities, including our flagship aquatic facility, Aquarena.

“We are thrilled to welcome Aligned Leisure to the team from 1 July 2023,” said Mayor, Councillor Deirdre Diamante, “Our one provider model will change the way we manage our facilities, bringing new opportunities for innovation, increased participation, and improved health outcomes for our community.”

The new arrangement is aimed at aligning the programs and services of the leisure facilities more closely to the Council’s strategic goals. The change will bring many benefits to the Community and Council, including broader participation outcomes, activation of places and spaces, reciprocal membership opportunities, improved programs and services, support to sporting clubs and a consistent customer service experience.

Aligned Leisure CEO, Shane Dunne said “We pursue opportunities where we know we can deliver exceptional community outcomes. In partnership with Manningham Council, we are very confident that is what will be delivered.”

Aligned Leisure will work with current employees of our leisure facilities as a priority to ensure they will continue to be a vital part of their team. This new arrangement is expected to create an efficient and enjoyable experience for both staff and customers and have a positive impact on the community. Current memberships at Council facilities will remain the same and members can continue to enjoy facilities as usual.

We would like to thank Belgravia Leisure and the YMCA for their outstanding management to date. While the new management model allows for one provider, we appreciate their hard work over the years and that they will continue to provide the same level of service to the Manningham community until 30 June 2023.