Our plan for your health and wellbeing

27 Oct 2021
Well Governed Council

Manningham’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021 - 2025 was endorsed at our Council Meeting on Tuesday 26 October, 2021.

Following community consultation and public exhibition, Manningham’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy outlines Council’s commitment to supporting healthier outcomes for the community over the next four years.    

Manningham Mayor Cr Andrew Conlon says the strategy builds upon strengths from the previous plan and is a key strategic planning tool in maintaining and improving public health and wellbeing at a local community level.

“The Strategy outlines how we will continue to work with our community and partner organisations to ensure our residents are healthy, safe, resilient, connected and included,” he says.

“It also identifies opportunities to enhance community health and wellbeing and address areas that need improvement.”  

Seven priority areas have been identified to promote a Healthy Community:

  • improving social and emotional wellbeing
  • increasing healthy eating
  • increasing active living
  • increasing adaptation to the health impacts from climate change
  • reducing injury and harm
  • preventing family violence
  • increasing connection and engagement of community life.

“This strategy has been developed and will be delivered in partnership with our community and local service providers,” Cr Conlon says.

For more information and for the full Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021-2025, visit manningham.vic.gov.au/healthy-city-strategy