Recreation and Sports Advisory Committee members appointed

22 Dec 2022
Healthy Community
A man and woman wearing helmuts and hi vis jackets cycling across a bridge whilst facing the camera

Manningham Council is delighted to announce the appointment of 16 community members to its new Recreation and Sports Advisory Committee.

The new committee provides an opportunity for members to share their experiences and expertise to support sport and recreation outcomes and deliver on actions from the Active for Life Recreation Strategy 2010-25 which aims to provide our community with opportunities to stay healthy, active and participate in a diverse range of recreation activities regardless of age, gender, ability and cultural background. 

Appointed member Jessica Li says the committee is a fantastic opportunity for like-minded people to come together to express views on recreation and sports matters and provides a platform to encourage creative and forward thinking. 

“I feel so grateful to join the Committee – it is an exciting role to play a part of the future of recreation and sport in Manningham. I want to encourage more girls to try different sports and reduce gender and culture bias in sports participation and investigate how to improve parents’ involvement in community sports clubs.”

The community, Councillors and senior Manningham Council officers will be represented on the committee, the Committee will have an important advisory role rather than decision making responsibilities, to have input into Council decision making.

Manningham Mayor, Cr Deirdre Diamante said: “Council is committed to hearing from the committee members and their shared lived experience. Their collective voice and feedback are essential to help support recreation and sport outcomes for the community.”

The appointed community members will serve as members of the new advisory committee through to 2024.