Representing the Manningham community

27 May 2022
Healthy Community

Manningham Council has endorsed the membership of four community advisory committees.

Members of the committees will work with Council to create a more inclusive, respectful, equitable and healthy community.

Members of the advisory committees are:

Health and Wellbeing Advisory Committee members

  • Fiona Read
  • Christina Davidson
  • Kevin Gregg-Rowan
  • Vanessa Czerniawski
  • Kalli Taifalos
  • Brianna Myors
  • Sahar Gholizadeh
  • James Grima
  • Jian Wang
  • Artemis Evangelidis

Multicultural Communities Advisory Committee members

  • Sabeen Munawar
  • Jane Brierty
  • Iresha Buthgamuwa
  • Saskia Koops
  • Deepak Joshi
  • Kam Razmara
  • Michelle Lim
  • Fareha Hafeez
  • Fathima Saarah Ozeer
  • Gurpreet Miglani

Gender Equality & LGBTQIA+ Advisory Committee members

  • Britt Hulbert
  • Jenny-Maree Kardaras
  • Denni Egan
  • Sally Goldner AM
  • Thomas Hoffman
  • Isabella Roxburgh
  • Felicity Marlowe
  • Capella Henderson
  • Elham Naeej
  • Jack Plant

New Disability Advisory Committee members

  • Effie Frasca
  • Aunty Irene Norman
  • Heather Liesis

New Disability Advisory Committee (MDAC) members will join existing MDAC members: Anna Wright, Asherly Bradac, Carolyn Vimpani, Catherine Morris, Cathy Townsend, Christopher Tsiopelakos, Francis Chan, Gary Connor, Hayden Heatherington, Janice O’Connor, Nakisa Malakooti and Simone Pilens.

Manningham Mayor, Cr Michelle Kleinert thanked the advisory committee members for their commitment to wanting to help make Manningham a better place.

“Council is looking forward to meeting all of the advisory committees. The members will make an important contribution by informing decision making and priority setting.”

“This is an exciting time for engaging with our diverse communities. We are looking forward to receiving advice and feedback from these groups so that we can better meet the needs of all.”

Each Advisory Committee will meet four times a year, with the first meetings planned to occur in July.