Snooze and Win: Manningham leaders take part in Sleep at the ‘G

21 May 2019
Healthy Community

Senior leaders across Manningham Council donned scarfs, beanies and onesies, slept it rough and raised more than $6,500 for homeless youth at last week’s Melbourne City Mission’s annual Sleep at the ‘G event. 

Led by CEO Andrew Day, the Manningham Snoozers braved the cold to help raise awareness and young people break the cycle of homelessness. 

He said: ‘On any given night across Victoria, more than 6,000 young people are homeless.’ 

‘As a Council, we felt it was important to help raise awareness of the issue and money to support Melbourne City Mission in providing services to homeless people. 

‘The experience really impacted me.’  

Young people face homelessness for a range of reasons, with abuse, trauma, family and relationship breakdowns, unemployment and mental health issues, just some of the drivers. 

Manningham Council partners with a number of youth services to enhance positive youth engagement and wellbeing. This is the third year Manningham Council has registered a team and taken part in the event. 

Melbourne City Mission has already raised $1.19 million, 99 per cent of its $1.2 million target. 

For more information and to support the Council team, visit and search for The Manningham Snoozers under Find a Friend.