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Manningham Matters is our community magazine and is distributed to all households and businesses in Manningham throughout the year. We highlight events and information from both Council and community organisations.

We also produce a monthly eNewsletter featuring the latest news and events, updates about works and projects, community engagement opportunities and other timely news. You can subscribe to receive this eNews sent directly to your inbox.

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Read our Guidelines for submitting stories to Manningham Matters (46.98 KB) before you submit your story.

If you are sending photographs to accompany your story, please ensure you have the permission of any people shown in your photographs by having them complete and sign our Photo and Video Consent Form (125.85 KB)

You can see the submission deadlines and distribution dates for both publications below.


Manningham Matters printed magazine submission dates

Issue Submission date Distributed from


Thursday 25 November 2021

Monday 7 February


Thursday 3 February

Monday 28 March


Thursday 31 March

Monday 30 May


Thursday 26 May

Monday 18 July


Thursday 4 August

Monday 26 September


Thursday 6 October

Monday 28 November


eNews submission dates

Issue Submission date Distributed from


Monday 17 January

Tuesday 1 February


Monday 14 February

Tuesday 1 March


Monday 21 March

Tuesday 5 April


Monday 18 April

Tuesday 3 May


Monday 23 May

Tuesday 7 June


Monday 20 June

Tuesday 5 July


Monday 18 July

Tuesday 2 August


Monday 29 August

Tuesday 13 September


Monday 19 September

Tuesday 4 October


Monday 31 October

Tuesday 15 November


Monday 21 November

Tuesday 6 December

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  • be auspice or run by a not-for-profit community organisation or association
  • be non-commercial in nature
  • be open to everyone (paid or free)
  • be more than 6 weeks away from today
  • not be condoning racism, sexism or discrimination in any form
  • have been already approved by a relevant authority with all necessary permits and permissions to go ahead
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Guidelines for submitting stories to Manningham Matters
Guidelines for submitting stories to Manningham Matters
46.98 KB


Privacy statement
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