What is being upgraded in Doncaster Hill?

29 Oct 2019
Healthy Community

We’re making a series of upgrades throughout Doncaster Hill - designed to improve the way our community lives, works and enjoys this neighbourhood. 

These works form a part of our infrastructure planning for this area and the long standing Doncaster Hill Strategy

Open space upgrades for Doncaster Hill


Designing for a new park in Doncaster Hill

July 2020 to July 2021

We are currently in the detailed design phase with demolition and construction to commence in the second half of 2021.
This park will provide additional open space to everyone living in the Doncaster Hill area.
To be located on Hepburn Road in Doncaster, properties have been acquired to make way for the new community park.


Walker Reserve has been upgraded

November 2019 to December 2019

Walker Reserve received an upgrade including a new path, bench, trees and vegetation on site.
A new spring balance toy was installed for children to enjoy.
The upgrades are designed to make the park more accessible and enjoyable for the local community.

Making Tram Road safer for our community


Investigating a new U-turn lane on Tram Road

Investigating a new U-turn lane to be built on Tram Road to provide motorists with a safe and legal location to perform U-turns. The new lane would also help to reduce the number of illegal U-turns being performed outside of the Applewood Retirement Village.


Pedestrian signals at the Applewood Retirement Village

The Federal Government has committed to funding new pedestrian signals on Tram Road outside of the Applewood Retirement Village in Doncaster. The new signals will help residents to safely cross Tram Road and access the adjacent bus stop.

The Victorian Department of Transport is managing this project and responsible for the timing of its delivery. We support this project to improve safety and access for pedestrians on Tram Road.

Creating more connections through local streets


Extension to Hepburn Road including a shared path

Hepburn Road has been extended from Walker Street to create a connection through to Clay Drive. Due to Covid restrictions, we are still finalising the shared path connections for pedestrians and cyclists but the road is now open to commuters. These improvements will enable easy access for local residents wanting to enjoy the new community park on Hepburn Road.


New traffic lights at the Tram Road and Merlin Street intersection

New traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of Tram Road and Merlin Street.

These lights will assist traffic flow through the southern area of Doncaster Hill, help residents to easily access Tram Road and create a safer road environment for all users.