1 April 2021 

The North East Link Project will be closing Avon Street in Bulleen to establish a work site for the project.

The date for the road closure has recently changed and concrete barriers will be placed along Bulleen Road to close the intersection overnight on Friday 9 April 2021. A temporary speed reduction of 40kmh will be in place during these works. For more information see Icon for application/pdf North East Link Project - Works Notification Avon Street closure update - 1 April 2021 (272.2 KB)

Relocation of close to 100 above and underground services such as power, water, gas, sewerage and telecommunications is underway to make way for North East Link. 

For more information on the North East Link construction works, visit the North East Link Project website

Find out more about what Council is doing in response to the North East Link.

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