The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is having a significant impact on our community from a health, wellbeing and financial perspective.

In response and to provide support during this time, we have a series of relief measures available via our COVID-19 Community Relief Package.

Our relief package includes up to $3.8 million in support for:

  • ratepayers and community
  • local businesses
  • clubs and community groups
  • establishing a Community Relief Fund for the Manningham community

Ratepayer and community support

We know that many residents are experiencing financial hardship during this time and relief measures for ratepayers include:

  • Payment due date for the fourth quarter rates instalment has been extended to 30 Jun 2020, with no penalty interest
  • Special payment arrangements are available for those experiencing financial hardship
  • Our Low Income Rates Rebate for 2020/21 will increase to $100 (from $64.25 in 2019/20). This is a rebate on rates for low income Health Care Card holders
  • There will be no increase to waste service charges for ratepayers 2020/21.
    The anticipated significant increase in waste costs to Council, including a proposed 30% rise in the State Government landfill levy, will not be passed on to Manningham ratepayers in 2020/21.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, find out more about applying for a special payment arrangement.

Support for older residents

We are providing additional support services for older residents in our community. This support is through our Aged and Disability Support Service.

Relief measures for ratepayers and community will include up to $1.6 million of support.

Local business support

Many local businesses are experiencing the effects of COVID-19 restrictions in our community.

Through a range of measures, including via Manningham Business, we will reduce business related registration fees and provide additional business advice and support programs.

50% discount on selected registration and permit fees in 2020/21

It is anticipated that more than 2,000 Manningham businesses will be able to benefit from a reduction in registration and permit related fees, including:

  • 50% discount on the next round of annual registration fees for footpath trading permits, food and health premises
  • 50% discount on the next round of trader parking permits.

This relief is anticipated to be approximately $230,000 in 2020/21.

Business development programs

Business development programs will provide additional support to local businesses in the short and medium term. Support will include:

  • Business advisory services and mentoring for heavily affected businesses
  • One-on-one technical support and transition for businesses
  • Marketing support and business planning
  • Activation support post lockdown
  • Adaptation to the new business environment.

These programs will be run at an estimated cost of $100,000.

Relief for clubs and community groups

Sporting clubs and community groups are being heavily impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions.

Support will be available over a six month period to those clubs and groups that have an existing lease or rental arrangement with Council or who use Council owned buildings, pavilions and sports grounds.

  • Free use of Council facilities for sporting clubs, preschools, kindergartens, community houses, child cares and community organisations
  • Free use of sports ground for sporting clubs during the winter season
  • Discounts will be applied on any utilities recovery from clubs and community groups
  • MC Square tenants, including community organisations and the Doncaster Library, will receive a rent free period with no outgoings recovery.

These relief measures for Manningham clubs and community groups total an anticipated $450,000.

Community Relief Fund

As part of the relief package, a Community Relief Fund is being established for Manningham.

This will include funding for urgent relief activities during the COVID-19 period as well as community recovery and resilience support initiatives.

COVID-19 urgent relief

The Community Relief Fund will support urgent relief activities and will include:

  • Immediate support for community organisations whose primary services include emergency relief and material aid, food packages, counselling services and housing support.
  • Work with our existing community partner organisations to enhance their capacity to deliver relief services as quickly as possible.

COVID-19 community recovery and resilience

Community recovery and resilience activities will be funded for 2020/21. This will include a program of support for community recovery initiatives following the COVID-19 crisis.

Details of funding levels and criteria will be available in late June 2020.

Funding will prioritise initiatives that support immediate Manningham community recovery and build resilience in the Manningham community. Projects that are already receiving funding through State or Federal Government emergency support programs will not be eligible.

The funding for the Community Relief Fund will be up to $1 million.

For more information on the Community Relief Package announced at the 28 April Council meeting.

Supporting Manningham through COVID-19 - Translations

View translated information of what support and relief Council is providing to our community.

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