Painting on Canvas - Family Art Workshops

Painting on canvas can be super fun but what makes it even more enjoyable is when you get to do it with the people you love!

Find creativity and joy in your life by spending quality time with your loved ones at a Painting on Canvas - Family Art Workshop.

We believe everyone has an inner artist that's dying to burst out! Be flamboyant or be sensible! You're limited only by your imagination in these workshops. You don't need to be good at drawing, painting or art. All you need is the desire to try something new and willingness to give it a try.

All materials will be supplied and you will receive valuable guidance from Noha Aly herself to help you achieve a perfect masterpiece as a family effort.


Choose from four sessions available:

  • Saturday 22 February 2020, 12.30pm to 2.30pm
  • Saturday 29 February 2020, 12.30pm to 2.30pm
  • Saturday 14 March 2020, 12.30pm to 2.30pm
  • Saturday 28 March 2020, 12.30pm to 2.30pm

About the artist

Noha is a creative artist who received her bachelor's degree in Design & Print from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria University in Egypt. Her passion is to teach art as a form of therapy and help children, adolescents, and adults explore their emotions, improve their self-esteem, manage their addictions, relieve their stress, and alleviate any symptoms of anxiety and depression through art.

Saturday 22 February 2020, 12.30 pm to Saturday 28 March 2020, 2.30 pm
Manningham Art Studios
687 Doncaster Road
Doncaster VIC 3108
More Info

Ideal for children aged 8 and above.

Please note, these are not drop and leave events. Adults are required to book in and participate with children. Every participant requires a ticket.

Getting there

By car

Undercover parking available at MC Square

By bus

Manningham Civic Centre bus stop:

Bus route 907 City to Mitcham via Doncaster Rd
Bus route 902 Chelsea to Airport West
Bus route 295 Doncaster SC to The Pines SC via Templestowe