Please note: if you are wishing to apply for the issue of a Building Permit please do not use this link for that purpose, as this link is only for Private Building Surveyors Lodgement. Please refer to our Building Permits page if you need to apply for new building permit.

Private Building Surveyors Lodgement Online

Private Building Surveyors wanting to lodge Section 30 Building Permits can now lodge online all building permit documentation and plans.

The Building Regulations require Building Surveyors to lodge all building permits with the relevant Council within 7 days of issue. Manningham City Council now has a facility which allows you to lodge all documentation and plans online.

All documentation must be in PDF format and no PDF can exceed 100MB in size. You may also zip all the PDF files and attach a Zip file containing all the documentation and plans. 

The system will allow you to upload all documentation and then pay the lodgement fee via Securepay.

At the conclusion of lodgement, you will be given a reference number. This can be used for future submissions of further information and finalisation of permits which can be sent via email once the permit has been lodged online.

Please note that this lodgment system is only to be used for new or Stage 1 Building Permits. We can advise that all further information, Stage 2 permits, amended documents and certificate of final/occupancy permits can be lodged via email to once the initial section 30 has been lodged.

Lodge online Section 30 PBS Building Permit.