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Are you connecting to the sewer?

If you're in an area that now has sewer connection, you must decommission your septic tank. Being connected to the sewer is a cost effective option and needs lower maintenance compared to maintaining a septic tank.

Plus, decommissioning your septic tank may free up used space on your land and is better for our waterways, the environment and our public health.

To connect to the sewer, please visit Yarra Valley Water.


How much does it cost to connect to sewer?

For connection costs, visit Yarra Valley Water.


How to decommission your septic tank?

After you have connected to sewer you can decommission your septic tank. You must:

  • have its contents pumped out by a licensed sewage sludge contractor and the inlet and outlet pipes sealed.

  • punch a hole in the bottom of the tank, the lids and any parts of the tank walls that sit above ground level so that they've collapsed into the tank.

  • fill the tank with clean earth or sand.

Any chlorination pits on the sand filter outlets must follow the above process as these may have a direct connection to the stormwater drain.


Notify us of your septic tank decommission

Once you have decommissioned your septic tank, you must notify us.

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You may also notify us by email - send evidence of your decommission and details of your septic tank to