10 September 2018

 Proposed plans released for North East Link

The North East Link Authority (NELA) has recently released more detailed plans for the proposed North East Link.

These plans include additional lanes at the Eastern Freeway interchange in Doncaster, additional bus laneways as well as information on how impacts to noise and recreational spaces will be managed during construction and in the longer term.

Manningham Mayor, Cr Andrew Conlon said that while Council welcomes the proposed express lanes for bus services he had reservations over the increased number of lanes on the Eastern Freeway and its impact on open spaces, traffic and noise.

“Consultation with our residents highlighted that they were most concerned by the introduction of toll roads, protecting parklands and local amenity as well as impacts from traffic and noise pollution.

“While we support any efforts that will reduce noise impacts on our residents, we do share concerns around how open spaces and recreational spaces will be affected by the North East Link, including the Koonung Creek corridor.

“We are reviewing these plans to understand how they are likely to affect our residents and will continue to advocate on the issues our residents have told us are a priority for them”, he said.

Cr Conlon said they will also be working with the NELA to minimise impacts to local businesses affected in the Bulleen/Banksia Industrial Precinct and make sure that the local economy and employment in this area are considered.

Manningham Council would encourage everyone to view the NELA’s proposed plans and provide their feedback at the NELA’s upcoming drop in sessions. Details can be found on the NELA’s website, northeastlink.vic.gov.au