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A large part of the Koonung Creek Linear Park and creek corridor will be occupied for construction activities and compounds for up to 6 years. Covering and shading sections of the creek will degrade and potentially destroy the aquatic habitat and create additional barriers to fish passage. Up to 15,800 trees will be removed and an additional 10,000 trees affected. Open spaces at Bulleen Park will be diminished and a 40 metre ventilation stack will tower over Bulleen Park.

The historic 300 year old River Red Gum on Bridge Street in Bulleen is in the direct line of NEL and must be protected. This tree is a local landmark, pre-dates European settlement and is an important example of our environmental heritage.

Residents in Estelle Street, Bulleen will lose the reserve opposite their homes. This large green space will become a construction site, with a 10 metre high noise wall to then be constructed with a 20 lane freeway behind it. The expanded freeway will bring more noise and pollution and the sound wall will close residents in. We believe this footprint for the construction activities is excessive and should be scaled back. 

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Protect our environment

Large open spaces will be lost, sporting clubs displaced and a 40 metre ventilation stack to tower over Bulleen Park

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