Rabbits are one of Victoria’s most destructive and problematic pest animals, causing environmental damage by:

  • Destroying indigenous vegetation
  • Competing with native animals for food and habitat
  • Causing erosion, soil loss, and creek and river bank destabilisation

Effective rabbit control requires a variety of measures, not just one or two. There is no quick fix solution and landholders need to be persistent. The Icon for application/pdf Rabbit Control in Urban and Peri-urban Areas brochure (3.28 MB) explains control options and how to plan a successful rabbit control strategy.

Financial assistance to help control rabbits is available through LEAF grants. If you do not meet the LEAF criteria you can apply for fox and community rabbit control grants.

Legal Responsibility

State legislation requires all landowners to take measures to control rabbits. Control is defined as taking action to minimise impact and prevent spread.