Your role

Recovery will take time and should not be rushed. There are ways to aid in your personal and community recovery.

  • Encourage your family to talk about their experience
  • Formal counselling
  • Keep in contact and engage with your community
  • Learn from your experience and plan for the next emergency.

For further information you can contact the Municipal Recovery Manager (MRM) at council or visit the EMV, Red Cross or CFA websites.


If you would like to be involved in emergency volunteering you can register your interest with Volunteering Victoria or DHHS.

Our role

Council will use the Recovery Plan to start the recovery process. Depending on the scale of the emergency we can establish a Community Recovery Committee to deliver specialised services.

The Municipal Recovery Manager (MRM) is the point of contact between affected people and Council. To find out what support is available after an emergency contact Council's MRM on 9840 9333 or Councils' Emergency Management Unit on 9846 0500. You can also visit the Vic Emergency website or @EmergencyRecoveryVic Twitter page.