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When is my recycle bin collected?

Your yellow lid recycle bin is emptied fortnightly. Find out what day your bin is collected.

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What items can and cannot be put into my recycle bin?

Your yellow lid recycle bin is for general household recyclables.

Yes we collect:

Photo of various household aluminium cans containers with tick Clean foil trays, empty aluminium, steel and aerosol cans

Photo of various types of glass jars and bottles with green tickEmpty glass bottles and jars

Photo of various newspapers, magazines, letters and envelopes with tickPapers, envelopes, junk mail, brochures, magazines and telephone books

photo of various milk and juice cartons with tickEmpty milk and juice cartons

Photo of various plastic bottles and containers with tickEmpty plastic bottles and containers

photo of various cardboard cereal boxes and egg cartons with tickCardboard boxes

No we don’t collect:

photo of various plastic bags with crossNo plastic bags

photo of various soft plastic wrappers packaging with crossNo soft plastic packaging

Photo of recyclable items in a plastic bag with crossNo recyclables in plastic bags

Photo of household garbage in a plastic bag with crossNo garbage

Photo of various pyrex glassware and crockery with crossNo crockery, Pyrex or glassware

Photo of various polystyrene items with crossNo polystyrene

Photo of various hazardous chemical containers, batteries with crossNo oil, chemicals or hazardous waste

Photo of twigs, leaves and braches with crossNo garden waste

Photo of baby nappy with crossNo nappies

Photo of various building materials including wood, bricks and concrete with crossNo building material, bricks, steel or wood

photo of various mirrors globes and glass with crossNo light globes, window glass or mirrors

Photo of clothes linen folded, shoes and thongs with crossNo clothes, linen or shoes

Can't find your item?

Find out how to dispose of your unwanted items

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How do I place my recycle bin out for collection?

Visit bin collection days.

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Where does my recycling go once collected?

Your recyclables collected from your recycle bin are taken to the Visy Recycling Plant in Heidelberg.

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Order, repair, swap or cancel your recycle bin

To manage your recycle bin, visit order, repair, swap or cancel your bins

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