In accordance with the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (the Act), any business performing the following services must be registered:

  • hairdressing
  • beauty therapy (waxing, manicure or pedicure)
  • colonic irrigation 
  • skin penetration (tattooing, ear piercing or electrolysis).

Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy and Skin Penetration

Plan approval fees must be paid on submission of your plans for assessment.

Plan Approval Fees
High Risk Premisese.g. Skin Penetration / Colonic Irrigation$220
Moderate Risk PremisesBeauty Therapy$210
Low Risk PremisesHairdressing$200
Prescribed Accommodation< 20 Beds$190
< 40 Beds$210
>40 Beds$230

Transferring a Health Premises to a new Proprietor

Before Health Premises Registration can be transferred into a new proprietorship, you must initially obtain consent from the current proprietor to enable the disclosure of information relevant to the health premises.

Council is required to inspect the premises prior to any Transfer of Registration to ensure the business is structurally sound and compliant with the Health Guidelines for Personal Care and Body Art Industries. 

  1. Download and complete the Icon for application/pdf Transfer Inspection Consent Form - Health and Wellbeing Premises (481.48 KB)
  2. Obtain consent from the current proprietor to enable the disclosure of information relevant to the business
  3. Request a Transfer Inspection to be carried out to identify any structural works required and compliance with the Industry’s health guidelines
  4. Pay the required Transfer Inspection Report fee outlined in the table below
  5. Sign and return the Transfer of Registration form with relevant fee (this will be provided to you by Council

Return the completed consent form and relevant fee to Manningham's Environmental Health Team, PO Box 1, Doncaster 3108. An inspection report will normally be completed within five working days once an application has been received.

Should you require an inspection report within three days an additional 50 percent fee will apply.

An Environmental Health Officer can assist you with your enquiries concerning a specific business. For more information call the Environmental Health Team on 9840 9333.