New Personal Care and Body Art Guidelines

The Department of Health and Human Services have released the new Infection prevention and control guidelines for hair, beauty, tattooing and skin penetration industries guidelines. The guideline provides information about infection control and prevention your business must comply with. 

You can access the guidelines by downloading Icon for application/pdf Infection Prevention and Control for Personal Care and Body Art Industries 2019 (1.02 MB) or visiting health.vic.

A summary of key changes to the guidelines can be accessed by downloading Icon for application/pdf Summary of Key Changes to Guidelines 2019 (304.02 KB)

From September to December, our Environmental Health Officers will be conducting annual inspections. In preparation, please ensure your staff are aware of the infection control requirements and can achieve compliance during inspections. Hairdressers are exempt from being inspected yearly.  However, if your hairdressing business has changed to include other activities, please contact us

Registering your Hairdressing, Personal Care and Body Art Business

You will be required to register your business with us if you conduct any of the following activities in the Manningham area: 

  • hairdressing and make-up
  • beauty therapy (waxing, manicure or pedicure, microdermabrasion)
  • colonic irrigation 
  • skin penetration (ear-piercing, needling, micro-blading, feathering or electrolysis)
  • tatooing and cosmetic tattooing

Please note that all commercial tanning units are banned in Victoria. 

Plans Approval Process

We highly recommend all new personal care and body art businesses submit plans for approval before opening. This is so your business can meet the requirements set out in the health standards and regulations. The guidelines can be accessed through visiting health.vic.

Icon for application/pdf Beauty Business Pre-Approval Application Form (556.43 KB)

Listed below are fees for our plans approval process. Invoices are generated after receiving your application and can be sent to you by email or post.

Plan Approval Fees

High risk activitiesSkin penetration (tattooing, cosmetic tattooing, colonic irrigation, micro-blading)$230
Medium risk activitiesBeauty Therapy (waxing, pedicures, manicures, eyelash extensions)$220
Low risk premisesHairdressing or temporary make-up only$210
Combination of high, medium, low risk activitiesCombination of all services at one business



Transferring or buying a Personal Care and Body Art Business

We are required to inspect the premises before your Transfer of Registration can be approved. So before you take over or buy a business, we recommend you request for a Pre-Sale Inspection. Our Environmental Health Officers will conduct an inspection so your business is structurally sound and compliant with the new guidelines Icon for application/pdf Infection Prevention and Control for Personal Care and Body Art Industries 2019 (1.02 MB)

  1. Download and complete the Icon for application/pdf Health Beauty Business Pre-Sale Request Form (142.41 KB)
  2. Obtain consent from the current owner before submitting your form
  3. Pay the required Pre-Sale Insepction report fee. The invoice will be issued when your application is submitted.
  4. Sign and return the Transfer of Registration form with relevant fee (contact our Environmental Health unit for this form)

Your inspection report will be completed within 10 working days once an application has been received Should you require an inspection report within 3 working days, an additional 50% fee will apply.

Our Environmental Health Officers can assist you with your enquiries concerning your beauty business. For more information call our Environmental Health Unit on 9840 9333.