On 1 December 2019 the Victorian Government introduced new swimming pool and spa safety laws. The new laws require mandatory registration of all Victorian swimming pools and spas by 1 June 2020. Anyone who has a relocatable or permanent swimming pool or spa is required to have a registration.

How do I register my swimming pool or spa?

You will first need create an account in order to register your swimming pool or spa pool.

Once you are logged in:

  1. Select: Submit an Application.
  2. Then choose New Registration under the heading Building - Pools and Spas.


Alternatively you can register your swimming pool or spa in person at the Civic Centre. 

How much is registration?

A fee of $79.00 applies for all spa and swimming pool registrations and is paid at the time of registration. This fee includes the mandatory Council Information Search fee that applies for all swimming pools and spas constructed prior to 1 June 2020.

Next steps


Once you've completed your application you'll receive an email with the date your swimming pool or spa was built and the date you're required to lodge a certificate of compliance to verify that it is safe. For more information visit the Victorian Building Authority’s website.

Track your application

After you’ve registered you can track your application using our application tracking page.

I’ve removed my swimming pool or spa, what do I do?

If you have removed your swimming pool or spa, you can submit an application to remove it from our records.