Artist: Jacinta Payne
Artwork Title: Renewal begins, and the bush breathes again, 2020
Medium: mixed media artwork and poem

“My artwork is made only from materials I had at home. The chicken wire is a reference to being locked down yet also interconnected. The sturdy and extra thick cardboard substrate was packaging from our piano, and sadly it would actually be highly sought after for some people in the world, who only have cardboard scraps to sleep on. How privileged we are, yet how easily we can also be struck down by this virus, COVID-19. This ties back to the wire, and our interconnected human lives. The eucalypt branch was collected from our yard after a wind storm and represents my love of the bush and my desire to tread as lightly as possible on the earth. The painting itself is a 'bushscape'.  My happy place. Tangled undergrowth that will continue to regrow, regardless of whether the earth is habitable for humankind or not. I wrote a kind of poem just after I finished the painting. I'm not a writer by any means but the words just formed as part of the creative process and needed to be written down and included in the artwork.”

Renewal begins, and the bush breathes again,
Emerging in an all encompassing sigh of relief.

Blackened burnt bushland.
Interconnecting lines.
Our lives connected and disconnected at once;
Confusion. Lost Souls. Now social distance.

The hope of renewal
Reconnection with the earth
Nature's inevitable recovery; all is not lost
Take heed of old tribal ways, and the voices of the trees

Time to rethink
Society of change
Listen to the ancient ones, and also to the young
For human existence depends on Mother Nature,
Not the other way.

She is not broken
She will prevail
Respect her
Let her be herself as the First Peoples did
And all will be as it should.

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