On Council land

If you come across a discarded syringe on Council land (i.e. in a public car park, reserve or on a nature strip) please call us on 9840 9333 and report the exact location.

We will arrange for its safe collection as soon as possible.

On private property

The Eastern Metropolitan Region Primary Needle Syringe Program (EMR NSP) has a Syringe Disposal Hotline for syringes found on private property in the Eastern Metropolitan Region.

Please call 0430 524 749 (Monday to Friday 9-5pm) and they will assist with safe syringe removal. Residents can leave a message if there is no answer.

Handling syringes

We recommend that used syringes are handled by professionals only. However, if you must handle one, please follow these instructions:

  • If you can, use tongs or protect your hand with a glove or cloth.
  • Drag the syringe out of garden beds / hard to reach areas with tongs or a stick and make sure there are no other hidden needles.
  • Place a sturdy container (i.e. empty drink bottle) on the ground.
  • Do not hold the container as the needle can fall out of tongs onto your hand.
  • Never touch the sharp end of the needle, only pick up the syringe by the barrel end.
  • Do not try to replace the cap on the needle.
  • Put the needle and syringe in a screw top, puncture-proof, plastic container and seal it.
  • Tell children never to pick up needles and syringes, but to call an adult.
  • Do not put needles and syringes down toilets and drains.
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