Properties which pose a fire hazard

From November each year until the end of the fire danger period, we inspect properties to ensure long grass and any materials that may pose a fire hazard are removed.

Where it is determined that a fire hazard exists, a notice will be sent to the landowner giving them a direction to clean up their land.

Report a fire hazard

If you believe a neighbouring property is a fire hazard, you can let us know by using our online service request form or calling us on 9840 9333. We will investigate your claim and take appropriate action with the landowner to ensure the fire hazard is removed.

Report property

Maintaining your property

Property owners are encouraged to implement a regular maintenance program on their property to ensure all long grass is slashed and other potential fire hazards are identified and removed without the need for our intervention.

Grass should be cut and maintained to a height of 10cm or less. Other potential fire hazards include dry tree branches and dry or dead vegetation.

We are happy to discuss suitable maintenance programs with property owners or any fire prevention issues. For more information go to our prepare for an emergency page or call 9840 9333 to speak to Council's Fire Prevention Officer. 

What happens if landowners don’t comply?

Owners of land can be fined up to $2,000 if they allow their property to remain a fire hazard or unsightly. If a notice is not complied with, the land may be cleared with all costs being passed onto the property owner in addition to any fines issued.

Unsightly properties

Apart from the fire risk, overgrown properties look untidy and may attract snakes and other vermin and detract from the amenity of the municipality.

Property owners must ensure that their land is not considered unsightly. Where visible from a public space, properties that harbour excessive rubbish or disused excavation materials may be classified as unsightly and the owner may be required to clean up their property.

To report an unsightly property, use our online service request form or call us on 9840 9333.

Report property

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