Siting and design requirements for single dwellings and outbuildings

Part 5 of the Building Regulations 2018 - Siting was previously known as Part 4 of the Building Regulations 2006 – Siting. The Building Regulations regulates the design and position of a single dwelling on an allotment when a planning permit is not required.

The regulations specify minimum standards that apply to building heights, setbacks, fence heights, site coverage, open spaces, maximum impermeable surfaces, daylight, solar access, overlooking and overshadowing.

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General Residential Zone 1 (GRZ1)

Manningham Council has two additional requirements that are included in Schedule 5 of the Regulations.

The requirements apply to properties within GRZ1, which limit the height of front fencing to 1.2 metre maximum height and specifies the minimum Private Open Space that applies to a proposed dwelling design.

More information is available in the Schedule 5 requirements within the GRZ1 provisions of the Manningham Planning Scheme.

Report and Consent (Dispensation) Application

If you are having difficulties in meeting the design and siting requirements, the regulations allow for a report and consent application to be made to Council to seek a variation. A request for a siting variation must include details to support an application, including details to verify compliance with the relevant Ministers Objectives and Guidelines.

You will need to have the application form completed and signed along with all documentation before you apply online. Please ensure you have the completed application form and appropriate documentation in PDF format, as detailed on the application form. You can then apply online via the Report and Consent Dispensation Application section under 'Building Council Dispensations and Consents'. Alternatively, you can download the  Report and Consent Application Form(53.78 KB) and submit via post. 

Read the Icon for application/pdf Minister's Guidelines (216.34 KB)

Front Fence (Report and Consent) Application

Fences within a GRZ1 are restricted to 1.2m in height.

If you wish to apply to build a front fence greater than currently allowed, you must comply with the Manningham Planning Scheme and Residential Character Guidelines which aim to:

  • encourage front fence design that respects the existing or preferred neighbourhood character
  • encourage front fences which complement the architecture of a dwelling, in terms of height, style, materials and colour
  • discourage high, solid front fences which "harden" the streetscape and lead to a reduction in residential and visual amenity
  • encourage permeable fence treatments on interfaces with public open space.

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