Request for ownership details

If you require the name and postal address of a property owner you should complete an Icon for application/pdf Ownership Details Request 2019/20 (437.6 KB)

Information will only be provided in accordance with the Information Privacy Act and Council's Information Privacy Policy. If the information is unable to be provided, upon receipt of the completed application and payment of a fee, we may forward your contact details to the property owner for them to contact you. Please refer to the application form for the current fee.

Ownership/Residency confirmation

If you require written confirmation that you are the current owner(s) of the property, please complete the Icon for application/pdf Ownership/Residency Confirmation Request (429.2 KB). You will be required to enclose payment of the fee, as stated on the form, at the time of application.

For more information or assistance, call 9840 9333.

If you need to update your ownership or address details for rates, visit update your rates details